apple picking

We went apple picking with Tanya's clan a few weeks ago. It was a good time.

There was a lot of this....

and this....

I was actually surprised he ate so many apples. Especially with me standing there. He hates to eat anything healthy when I'm standing around. He only does it when I'm out of sight.

anna might've been storing some in her cheeks for later.

Ry tried to steal my baby girl away. Can't trust that kid.

jake was doing a little of his own macking. Why hellloooo Bree.

Can't tell if she's trying to get away or going in for some love.

She was going in for some love, moms. Don't be silly.

Check out the calf muscle on that kid! He gets that from me.

Check out some of the pics from Ry's mini photoshoot at the orchard.