Candy Love

My friend Rachel and I decided to do an extra special play date for our boys the other day.

We met up at a local park to let the boys play for a bit. What's so special about that you ask? Well, we took them to the candy store afterwards and followed that up with the cupcake bakery. Ummm, yeah. That's special.

On the way home, I was chatting with jake. We talked about Miss Rachel, Jack and his favorite part of the day. Then anna started wailing. She HATES the carseat and riding in the car. So I rolled the windows down....sometimes it calms her down...and took literally a 10 second break from my convo with jake. I asked him another question. No response. I looked back and saw this.

Since jake no longer naps, there was no way I was messing with him so I grabbed anna out of her seat and sat her on my lap behind the wheel. Don't worry. We were in our driveway.

We made some faces at each other.....

and waited for this little guy to sleep it off.

He always asks to play with jack. I guess lollipops and cupcakes are pretty memorable.
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