Gooo England!

Trev's family on his dad side is English. They usually come once a year for a visit. Its quite fun to see them. The odd thing is we always just group them as England. There's only three of them that come. Its not like the whole country hops the pond....yet we still say England is coming. I wonder if while Nannie, Jan and Ted are sitting at home chatting over tea and Hob Nobs if they refer to us as America. I love Hob Nobs, by the way. They're a little expensive on this side of the pond, though. I could eat the whole package in one sitting. I like mine with milk. I am American after all.

Anyway, over Labor Day weekend England came to visit. Really, Nannie came first. Jan and Ted came a few days later. England always comes with waaay too many gifts.

Gooo England.

anna enjoyed herself.

I guess she liked her great Nannie.

The following weekend, jake was going to be golfing with the guys at a real golf course. No mini golfing for him. Mumps felt he needed to have proper clubs so he made him a couple.

OK. Before I go any further....I'm so behind on posting the stuff that we've done that I'm doing some of these in bulk....I'm realizing that it probably looks like that I let my kid run around without pants. Which I guess I do kinda let my kid run around with pants BUT in my defense, this was when we were potty training. Let me tell you, if you've ever tried to get a potty training two year old's pants off while you have a 2 month old strapped to you on a sling and you have tile'd let him run around in his underwear, too. Sadly, he may have grown to like running around in his underwear. BUT at the time these pics were taken he was potty training so I don't become a trashy mom until about two weeks later. kid is a natural at golfing.

His swing might resemble that of a baseball batter. Whatever. Mumps is here to help.


OK. Now I'm looking at the photos and I'm thinking that everyone is thinking that I don't buy my kid underwear that fits. He has a little butt and he likes Ming Ming. What can I do?

This is just to prove that I don't live in a trailer park. Not that there is anything wrong with living in a trailer park. I bet they dress their kids so it puts them a notch above me.

Later that day we headed out to lunch. Here's jake asking his dad if he can run around the 18th hole in his underwear.

Lunch was great. It was a beautiful day and we had a great table. Plus, jake had pants on!

Well, at least we know who anna got her dimples from....auntie Liz!!

It was a great visit.