The Jinx

There is one constant in parenthood. It never fails. Yet, I forget. The jinx. I believe that you shouldn't talk about anything good that is happening because once you do, you've jinxed it. Its gonna take you about 10 vodka tonics to get back to the point you where were before your idiot self jinxed it. Its a viscous cycle. I get comfortable. I talk about something good. JINX. I regret it all and shut my mouth until I get too comfortable again. Case in point. Potty training. Five accidents today after two months of awesomeness. Stupid jinx.

I decided that jake and I needed to make an I Spy. I got our materials together. I decided to do an alphabet I Spy. I figured jake could tell me each letter that pops up and when he gets older, he can go shakin' and searchin' for a letter.

We put each letter in the plastic jar. jake told me each letter as he put it in.

He gets his muscles from his dad.....I don't know if I'd flaunt that buddy.

Once all the letters were in, it was time to pour the rice. Ummm....which I quickly learned I should help.

Then we shook....

and started spyin'.