Just a little sugar...

I am in some serious need of sleep. I have a friend that posted on her facebook that she would pay huge amounts of money for just 8 straight hours of sleep. So would I, Rachel. So would I.

Did you know you can turn your blog into a book? I'm going to do it. As soon as I find the time.... I don't have a baby book for jake or anna. This blog is what I have. This blog gives them a chance to get to know me. I've been thinking lately about how would they know me if something happens before they're old enough to have memories. Morbid, I know. Trev hates it when I get morbid. Anyway, it got me thinking about motherhood and what kind of mom I want to be to my kids. Things without a doubt can be trying. I really don't remember the last time I was able to go to the bathroom in peace during daylight hours. I have bad days where I feel like I failed as a mother. The thing is, when I make my blog book, I don't want those moments to be the theme of my book. They happen. I know. I think I mention them now and then but, I don't want those to be my memories or the memories my kids have of me. Friends and I have discussions on how people portray themselves on blogs. If they're really being "real". I know maybe I lean towards the positive....but....when I have my babies with me in bed every morning and we're cuddling as we wake up to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....isn't that way better than jake has the biggest boogers that I've ever seen in a human being?

So you may think that all we're doing is staying at home nowadays. That's actually not true. Its just hard for me to bring the camera when i'm hauling around two kids. Maybe I'll ask Santa for a point and shoot....or maybe I'll ask Santa for a full nights sleep. We have standing play dates on Mondays and Fridays. Preschool on Wednesday. Story time on Thursdays. I try to keep Tuesdays open because I'm wild and crazy like that....

jake is doing awesome with his letters so I decided to try working on teaching him how to spell his name. By the way, you should hear him say his whole name...first, middle, and last....cutest thing EVER.

I made some sugar cookie dough then jake and I went over the letters in his name.

Then I let him cut it out.

We did it over and over again. I think we made like 2 dozen cookies?? I let him put sprinkles on, too. He was very meticulous with the sprinkles.

He liked using the sprinkles more than the cookie cutting.

Probably because he snuck a couple.

In case you're wondering, he still doesn't know how to spell his name. It was fun, though!

Oh, so a lot of these activities are anna-less. I know. We do a lot of them while she is napping....