Last Days of Summer

I got free tickets to the local water park so we headed there on Labor Day with a couple of friends.

We met up with jake's friend bree. :)

Bree's pretty cute when she's not picking her nose.

jake loved the wave pool.

Hopefully he still enjoys the waves when he head to Florida in a couple of months.

He also loved the lazy river.

In case you're wondering, I walked the lazy river with everyone earlier. anna was fast asleep in the sling so I couldn't get an inner tube. Plus, she was only two months old so its not like the whole inner tube thing would be all that safe for her. I walked the first lap next to everyone chilling in the tubes then went and got the camera while they did the second lap.

Trev said that jake kept acting like he was a pirate.

We had a great time. We're even considering getting season passes for next summer.