I'm trying to make an effort to do more learning activities with jake. I really feel like I've relied on the tv a little too much since anna was born. So the tv gets turned off after we get dressed in the morning...its hard to get a baby, a toddler and a mommy dressed without Mickey Mouse....and doesn't get turned on again until late in the afternoon.

jake's been really interested in his animal books so I tried to come up with some things that we could do involving animals. Plus, Dora featured sticky tape on her show once. jake became OBSESSED with sticky tape.

Animals + scotch tape = lions

Check out my sweet lion face drawing capabilities. I ripped up pieces of paper for the mane....because lions don't get haircuts with scissors, of course.

Oh, anna was super into this project.

It took some showing and some explaining to get him into the right frame a mind but, sticky tape definitely helped the situation.

Once we were done, we talked about lions for a bit.

Not too shabby of a lion.

anna woke up at the end. She wasn't too impressed.