anna is growing so much. You forget just how fast the time goes when you have a baby. They just change so much in the first year. She's rolling from front to back now. She's becoming friendlier with strangers but, definitely likes to have me in sight. She looooves to watch her big brother do anything. She's really working hard to master sitting up. You can just see her working those core muscles sometimes. She has a huge interest in watching us eat. She loves to nuzzle, too. It gets her laughing and smiling. You just never want to stop.

These pics were taken on her three month birthday (a month ago!!). It must've been laundry day because she sure doesn't have a cute outfit on. She's pretty stinkin' cute, though.

So like I said, she loves to watch her brother.

She'll even watch him play catch with mommy. jake likes to sit in the middle of the stairs and play catch while you're at the bottom of the stairs.

P.S. jake's outfit is pretty strugglin', too. Note to self, do laundry before you take pics of the kids. At least he has pants on.

Picture taking obviously interrupts the fun.

Some self timer fun.

While anna did this.

I decided to let jake have some sensory fun and poured a ton of oatmeal into a bowl.

He loved it.

He played with it for like 45 minutes. Let me tell you, that's insane around here. Nothing occupies him for 45 minutes.

Since it was her 3 month old birthday....

Love it.