Every year around Labor Day, we head out to the family reunion. Everyone on Trevor's mom's side of the family gets together for some good old fashioned visiting. The girls go shopping at the potteries and antique shops and the boys head out to the golf course. This year was exciting because England was there and jake headed out to the golf course with the guys!

Trev said he did awesome. He loved the golf cart, played on the greens and even averaged about two swings a hole. They were only playing 9 holes but, he lasted the whole 9! Oh, he enjoyed the potty breaks, too.

The dimple girls.


He's such a momma's boy.

Jan, England #2! She's got to be laughing at something I said....I am very witty, you know.

Two englishman walk into a bar....

I'm trying to train Brian to take over my job.

The whole motley crew.