While I was making breakfast, jake went over to anna and started playing with her. It was beyond cute. She was sitting in her high chair which sits next to the chair that I normally sit in during meals. He went over to my chair and started grabbing her toys. I was about to tell him that he had to share when I heard him tell her what each toy was and that she could play with this one while he played with that one. How cute is that?

I was going to say a couple of weeks ago but, then i looked at the date on the pictures and realized it was almost a month ago. Ugh. Where does time go?

I decided that I needed to shampoo the carpets in the play room so I cleared it out one day in order to do the cleaning that night. Since jake was begging for bubbles, I figured it was prime time to blow some bubbles in there because I'd be cleaning up any residue later that night.

Anna was indifferent to the whole bubble blowing.

She just wanted to give her brother a big wet kiss.

jake was all about the bubbles.

anna liked chewing on her hand the best.

Hey blue eyes.