Busy Afternoon

This past weekend was probably the best weekend ever. Seriously. I got to sleep in. I got breakfast brought to me. I made it to the gym. I got to nap. It was like my birthday/Christmas/Mother's Day all rolled into one. As jake would say, it made mommy happy. After my nap with anna on Sunday we headed down to the basement to see what the boys were up to. Much to my surprise I found both Trev and jake playing catch in their underwear. I guess it was no pants day. Trev says that jake wanted him to take his pants off but, I'm skeptical. The kid has never asked me for a no pants day. I'm wondering if this Sunday is going to be no pants day, too. The Browns won last Sunday....which sadly is a rarity....maybe it was because of no pants day?

During our family reunion, I picked up a ceramic jack o lantern for jake to paint.

I was kind of hoping he'd paint the outside....you can't count on anything with a 2 year old.

Not really sure how I'm going to "glaze" this sucker. Suppose I'll just throw a coat of Mod Podge on it. You can use Mod Podge for anything, right?

He did manage to get some paint on the outside.

I must've been little Miss Motivated on this day because we also made muffins. jake loooves to bake with me. I must use a half a cup of butter in everything because he always pulls his chair to the counter and says, "First, a half a cup of butter."

While the muffins were baking....

anna must've had a really good nap on that day....