Halloween Partay

Sure Thanksgiving is next week but, whatever. I'm still yearning for those peanut butter cups I ate....in bulk...which is probably why I'm not losing any baby weight.

Oh and this is photo heavy, too. So all the mommies can see their beautiful babies.....

My friend Rachel threw a Halloween play date for the kiddos. She went nutty with the decorations.

Yeah, this was for a play date.

I tell you what....

...if you're not going to professionally decorated play dates...

....you are so not hanging out with the right people.

Seriously, though. She did most of this herself.

With two kids. Sigh. I make muffins every now and then.

Look at my cutie ballerina.

And my handsome Boots...who is getting his molars and is putting everything in his mouth.

Little lady bug.

Little I hate it when Tammy takes my picture...

Yes, brown eyes. You are the cutest ever.

Oh wait. You just woke up from a nap? Let me hug you a little.

Watch it tiger.

Don't worry, sweetie. Your cheeks are still there.

Wait. What's going on here?

Watch yourselves. Play it cool, anna. Play hard to get.

jake you're really supposed to be watching out for your sister. Feet on the floor at all times when you're with my little girl!

Cutest little tutu butt ever!

My anna banana

Hi Georgie!

Is he dressed as a banana? He's totally after my daughter.

At first you think no costume...

Its Danny from Grease!

Why hello, little lady. What are you up to?

Ha! Gotcha!

They look like they're having a blast.

Did someone say peanut butter cups?

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