Jack O

We handle bath time and bedtime man to man. Trev takes care of jake and i take care of anna.

My routine is fairly simple. Bath, pj's, nurse, read while nursing, and then asleep. Yes, I nurse her to sleep. Why screw with it if its working?

Trev's routine is a little more involved. Bath...which involves a lot of splashing and toys, pj's...a little easier, book....no nursing :), a few minutes of Dora the Explorer, some chatting to catch up on what happened that day, then asleep. I asked Trev if he wanted to change up the routine a bit because it can be kind of long. He said no. He enjoys it because its his time with jake and he gets to hear about everything he did that day. Cool.

The other night I was sitting at the computer working in silence. Sigh. Sweet silence....don't get enough. After a bit, I could hear Trev tell jake to stop talking and that it was time to go to bed. For those that don't know Trev well, he talks all the time. The man can't stand silence. I couldn't believe he was telling jake to be quiet. I asked him what jake was talking about. Trev said that they'd already gone through the day and jake was basically just talking to hear himself talk and that he was even to the point of making up songs. Huh. Now Trev knows how I feel at night.

So since we had a few pumpkins on hand, I decided that jake and I would try our hand at pumpkin carving.

Everyone knows that you should have a chocolate donut before you pumpkin carve, though.

anna actually woke up midway through this activity which made it a little harder.

I totally thought jake was going to loooovveee feeling the pumpkin guts. Ummm...no.

He decided he needed a spoon. Pansy.

Ha Ha Sucker!

I thought the pumpking carving was done-zo after the gut spattering incident.

He kept going and Jack O was born.

My carving skillz are a little strugglin'.

I didn't have the proper knife! I'll have to get one next year.

All the kid really wanted to do is play with dinosaurs.

He's totally into dinosaurs now. Boys.