Pumpkins Round 1

Just as I get into the October pictures, November rolls around. I can't believe its November. I'm one of those people that is psyched that the stores are starting their Christmas stuff now, though. :) Holidays were never a big deal growing up. I think back at it now and kind of feel bad for the 'lil Tammy. Whatever. I looove the holidays now and I am all about the music and the Christmas trees being up on November 1. Got my Christmas list for the kids ready and i can't wait. Can't wait to watch jake really get into it this year and can't wait to watch anna play with paper. It can't get any better than watching your two babies just lovin' the holiday.

Before I knew it, we had three trips planned to the pumpkin patch this fall. How? I don't know. Here's the first trip. The pics aren't all that great. It was the first time that i took the camera while trying to handle the munchkins by myself. I found out why it was the first time. anna was in the moby wrap and jake was a two year old on the loose. So...ummm...no pics of anna. There's more pumpkin fun to come, though....

My photo ops with jake never work out. He just doesn't get my vision.

The props are just way more interesting then mom getting a beautiful portrait for the wall.

Photo op number 2. The graham cracker wasn't in my vision. That's the last time I've seen him eat a graham cracker, by the way. Good thing I got it on film I guess.

So this pumpkin patch wasn't really a pumpkin patch. I think their draw was more the hay ride and the....petting zoo??...I'm not totally sure petting zoo is the right way to describe it. jake had fun on the hay ride. We sat right behind the tractor and he pretty much watched it the whole time. He LOVED the animal area.

Doesn't it kind of look like he's grabbing this girl's butt? Smooth, j. Real smooth.

He was OBSESSED with feeding the baby goats. Yes, I know they're called kids but, it just seemed weird to say he was obsessed with feeding the kids.

He didn't want to stop. I had to force him. Which means a 2 year old fit soon followed with me stressing out that he was going to throw himself on the ground in the middle of the animal area which.....ughhh....if you don't know why that would stress me out than...I don't know what to say....

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