Pumpkins Round 2

I took both kids to the doctor today for their well baby check ups. Ummm....yeah. I scheduled them back to back in order to have all my fun in one hour. It takes a lot out of you taking a two year old and an infant to the doctor all by yourself. So stats.

jake is a whopping 26 1/2 pounds. We're super psyched, though. He's back on the charts for his weight which is great. He's in the 10-25 percentile. He's an even 3 ft tall which puts him smack dab in the 50 percentile.

anna is 14 1/2 pounds...up from 11 1/2 at her 2 month appt....and is 25 inches long. In case you're wondering how that compares to jake....at 4 months, jake was 15 pounds and 25 inches long. Almost exactly the same! Its crazy when you think that jake was 7lbs 7oz at birth and anna was 8lbs 4oz. jake loooovveeed the boob. So does anna, I suppose. She doesn't go at it with as much ferociousness as jake did, though.

So there were 3 scheduled pumpkin rounds in October. Not going to lie, I skipped round three for a nice quiet play date with Tanya. I was over it by 3 and let the slightly cloudy day convince me that it was going to storm and the last thing anna needs is to be out in the rain. She is my delicate flower....when she's not yelling at me....only to smile at me when I come to her....

Anyway, round 2 was the best anyway. No way you could top it. Daddy was with us. So this is a picture heavy post....just warning you...

So we got there and scoped the joint out. This is our 3rd year there with jake and it seems like they add something new every year.

First on the agenda was rolling in the big tube thingie....which despite the smile, jake didn't like.

Quick photo op with mom. anna is THRILLED.

Then the bicycle that is supposed to look like a go kart but isn't really thingie.

Did a few laps on that just to make sure Trev got a work out. Notice my fancy pants husband. The only man that wears dress shoes to a pumpkin patch.

Then the big tube slide thingie. jake REALLY liked this one.

I wanted to get a cute shot of the kids together.

jake has picked up saying CHEESE when a camera is around. I'm not entirely sure where he got that from because I don't think I drilled it into him....mainly because it really doesn't look all that natural when kids do it...

The whole idea was going over really well....can't you tell?

At least one of my kids kind of looks like me.

anna trying to convince her dad to get her a new car when she turns 16.

anna finding out mom rules the budget in this house.

jake really wanted to feed the animals again.

He seems to really like baby goats.

Yes, we did pick out a few pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

I think they're cheaper at the grocery store, though. I think that is odd. Here's that CHEESE again.




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