Christmas Cards

Trev and I are very routine driven.  We love a good routine....and plans for that matter.  We love a good plan for the day.  jake is the same.  Well, when it comes to routines.  He isn't into the planning....yet.  I'm beginning to think that anna is going to be the one that could care less about routine.  She seems to go with the flow pretty well.  Until she's tired or hungry.  She's good at letting everyone know that she is not happy.  Just like her momma.

Every night we have the same routine.  Trev takes jake for bedtime and I take anna.  I'm sure as anna gets older that will morph a bit but, for now, I get some quality time with my baby girl.  I will say that I foster every bad habit that the books say you shouldn't do.  Whatever.  I enjoy my time with my babies.  Every night I nurse anna to sleep.  Once she's asleep, I hold her while I catch up on my blogs on the blackberry.  Yeah, I should probably put her down and go on the computer but, truth be told, I like it.  There are many more years that I'm not going to be able to hold her than I am going to be able to hold her.  When she's walking down the aisle in her wedding dress, I'm going to miss holding her while she sleeps.

Tonight I read this post on Matt Logelin's blog.  His wife, Liz, died a few hours after childbirth.  His blog chronicles how he's coped with her death and raising their daughter Madeline, who is jake's age.  His post tonight was about taking his daughter to get a haircut.  He took her to his late wife's hairdresser and good friend.  His experience brought me to tears...I cry way more than I did pre-kids....I'm such a pansy now.  His post reminded me of how blessed I thankful I grateful I am.

I'm in a good place this Christmas.  I'm not stressed about anything.  I feel organized.  I feel pretty calm.  I'm really getting to enjoy the holiday.  I'm so incredibly lucky.

I make our Christmas cards each year....can you say psycho...I really enjoy it, though.  It just reminds me of our friends, family and those that have positively effected our lives.  I was stoked to see so many of my portraits on Christmas cards this year.  I still can't believe some people think I'm talented enough hire.  I LOVE those that included personal messages in their cards this year.  It always brings a smile to my face.

Here's our Christmas card this year.  anna's pic was gorgeous.  jake's pic was taken about 5 minutes before I had to download them to get printed.  He's so over me taking his picture.

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