Christmas Playdate

I looove hosting a Christmas playdate for our friends.  I love having all the kids around for the holidays.  It just makes me happy. This year was fun....but....ummm....lets just say its getting a little more chaotic as they get a little older.

This year we chose to do a secret santa.  I told jake that we were doing a secret santa gift exchange and tried to explain the joy of giving.  How its a lot of fun to give gifts and see the excitement in our friends' faces when they get a gift from you.  Ummm....all he heard was Santa and presents.  The actual exchange of gifts got started a little bit late and....well...jake had tunnel vision.  All he wanted was his present.  I'm not saying that he was being bratty but, I am saying he was a bit of a challenge until we got the big kids lined in a row for some gift giving.

Can you see the snot and tears??  Patience is obviously not a family trait.  Plus, he was snot filled to begin with then he started crying because he wanted to open the gifts....lets just say I was covered in it.

Finally got these suckers opened!

Then it really started getting chaotic.

Amongst the chaos my son took a minute to examine his dinosaur gift....BUT....

then immediately started crying because Santa didn't bring him his garbage truck.  First, we obviously need to teach this kid how to be thankful.  Second, we need to teach this kid how to read a calendar.

Seriously, I do think he's thankful as a two year old can be.  He loves surprises and always follows even the smallest gift with a ton of excitement and an enthusiastic, "tank you!"  I actually feel kind of bad that he thought it was Christmas morning and that Santa was coming.  Guess the 'ol moms needs to work on her explaining skillz.

Back to the chaos...

Let us not forget my beautiful baby girl.

She was the model hostess.  She got into a discussion about cheeks....obviously Santa's little helper couldn't resist.  Its ok.  Those cheeks are hard to resist.

Whoa.  Easy fella.

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