After our 18 hour drive home from Florida, we decided it was time to knock some Christmas errands out of the way.  Smart.  Seeing Santa and getting the Christmas tree were on the list.  It actually all went pretty well.  The only people that were tired and cranky were me and Trev.  Probably more me.

No one cried while visiting Santa.

Just looked extremely uncomfortable.  Admittedly he wasn't the best lookin' Santa out there.  He was part of our towns Christmas tree lighting....and was easy and we didn't have to wait in a huge line.

jake managed to tell him what he wanted for Christmas.  I couldn't believe he actually told him something.  anna was wondering why she got in the car when it was 70 degrees and got out of the car when it was 20.

Now....let me tell you what jake told Santa he wanted.  A garbage truck.  Two months earlier, we were at Target and jake saw this...

Freaky, huh?  Well, I told him to ask Santa and maybe he'd bring it to him.  Ummm...fully intending him to forget.  Ummm....the only thing he told Santa he wanted was a garbage truck.  Guess he didn't forget.  He saw a garbage truck at Walmart when he was with Trev.  One that doesn't have some crazy freaky voice.  It doesn't talk at all.  Well, Trev got it....while jake was sitting there....and ummm....jake didn't forget and asked us ALL.DAY for that truck.  So we gave it to him.  Bad parents.  He still asks for a damn garbage truck for Christmas so I'm pretty sure its Stinky he wants.  He's getting it on Christmas morn.  I hope it doesn't scare anna.  I hope we all don't have nightmares.