we're back!

We're back from our vacation. I can't tell you how good the 10 days in Florida was to us. I say this as jake is pitching a fit because Trev had to put him in time out right before bedtime. Sigh. We're back. The vacation was awesome and I have a ton of little anecdotes....all of which I'm sure I'll forget when I sit down in front of the computer next. I am totally revived and refreshed....I wish I could take a 10 day vacation at the beach every month!

I am knee deep in disorganization, though. Sooo....I'm putting the blog updates to the side and am starting my list making. I've gotten totally obsessed with felt projects so I'm sure some of that craftiness will be on the list. We'll see how it turns out. I'm obsessed with making some felt flowers for anna to put on a hat.

Here's an idea of what I'm talking about on Etsy.

Just saw the ones on the shoes. Ack. I'm obsessed... I have a couple of other felt projects I'm tossing around, too. Craziness. Felt. Nutty.

I am, also, Christmas obsessed. I'm so excited!!! I hope my favorite Christmas movie is on very soon....White Christmas...I cry every time when the General first sees all his men. LOVE IT.

Off to get organized for my week.  Don't know how I'm going to survive on my own with the kids after having such a long time with help!!