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I try to let jake brush his teeth on his own in the morning. Trev gives them a good brush down at night so I figure the kid can give it a try in the morning. Just so you don't think that my kid has dirty teeth, I do give them a quick brush once he's had his go. I walked into the bathroom to check on him this morning to find him "baking a cake". Really it was a bowl of water that he was filling up. He'd put a cup under the running water than pour it into the bowl and that was him baking the cake. I stood there listening to him for a bit and ummmmm.....maybe I'm making a little too many cookies with the kitchen aid mixer. The ingredients he listed for his cake:

brown sugar
chocolate chips

The fact that he specifically said brown sugar then threw in the vanilla...well....maybe I've been making too many chocolate chip cookies.

anna I think secretly can crawl but, just doesn't want us to know. She's so incredibly close its ridiculous. She's actually gone forward one or two steps....crawls?...but, it doesn't really seem to be clicking in her head. She's got the biggest most beautiful smile you've ever seen. I think Trev wants to go out and get her everything her little heart desires whenever she smiles at him. I won't even go into her gorgeous blue eyes.

Here's one of our little projects we did one fall afternoon.

jake was obsessed with acorns. I had these things all over my house. They were everywhere.

So one day I told him to get all the acorns together. Ummm....yeah, there were some behind the chair. They were EVERYWHERE.

How about that sad attempt of fall decorating. Some gourds in glass vases. Oh well.

He takes acorn projects very seriously.

So I took a cheap frame from Michael's and we began gluing those suckers all over the place.

jake told me where he wanted the glue...I was the hot gluer....I stress hot....then he placed the acorns.

It held his attention for a bit.

This is how much we got done the first day. It took us a few days to fill the whole frame.

A two year old's attention only goes so far. During the whole thing I kept telling him to be careful because the glue wasn't dry. When he showed Trev the frame that evening, Trev tried to touch it and jake immediately told him to be careful because the glue wasn't dry.
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