choose the moment

Choose The Moment. That's my new motto. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in how tired I am or how if I have to tell jake one more time not to throw things I'll lose my mind that I forget how incredibly lucky I am to be in that moment. I'm trying to remember to take the moment. To choose it. One day I'm going to look back and wish that he was still able to crawl up into my lap. Or how anna does this crazy crawl with one knee down and one knee up. I know I'm still going to be at the end of my rope...daily??....I'm just trying to remind myself to take a few seconds. Close my eyes. Breathe deep. Appreciate life. Choose the moment.

Some of these are incredibly blurry and off center....and I think I need braces and maybe a good whitener....but, this is a moment with my baby girl....unedited and just the two of us.
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