Christmas Morn

Ok....yeah....Christmas was almost two weeks ago. Eh...better late than never.

Christmas was so great this year. I really feel like we lived in the moment and got to soak it all up. It was an amazing day. I can't believe how blessed and lucky we are...its unbelievable.

We were hoping we'd have a wide eyed holy guacamole moment from jake when he walked down the steps. We got a quiet reserved what is going on moment. I think he was overwhelmed. Hmmm....maybe Santa went overboard. Speaking of Santa...after a serious discussion, jake decided he did not want Santa to come into the house. We settled on Trev meeting Santa at the grocery store to get the presents. A few days ago, jake stood in front of the fireplace and told me that Santa did not come down our fireplace.

Don't get me wrong...jake was psyched about the gifts. Didn't take him long to get into it.

anna enjoyed herself a bit, too.

Just call her air anna. As I type that, I'm worried that no one would get the Air Jordan reference and his whole tongue thing when he was dunking the ball...

jake was nice enough to explain to anna how to play with her toys .

Disney made its way into our Christmas.

jake now has four garbage trucks....five if you count the matchbox car.

anna got a little fridge.

Lets not forget about the race cars. does this go together....

Hmmmm...maybe daddy should follow his son's lead.

She's a genius!

Wait. She's not trying to stand up is she?

After a big breakfast, we headed to C2 at mimi and mumpy's house. Dressed a little nicer for this round.

jake loved his airplane set.

If it has wheels, he likes it.

We had to take a break to regroup and play with some toys. Cleveland Santa always goes overboard.

Trev got the Move for his PS3. I had an UNBELIEVABLE Christmas. I got my sweet Kitchen Aid Mixer and....wait for it...and Ipad!! Whoop Whoop. Sigh. Like I said. We're such an unbelievably lucky family. I can't explain how grateful I am for this life and family. God has truly blessed us.