I survived

Trev just got back from his annual boys trip "da UP". I'm extremely happy that he gets to get away. He deserves it. He does a lot for this family and me.

I'm not going to lie, the five days and four nights were not exactly cake. He left on Thursday at about noon and got back Monday at about 5ish. I was doing pretty good until Monday. Then the text came that they were driving in a snow storm and he didn't know if he was going to make his flight. Can you say mental breakdown time? Luckily he made the flight....arrived at the airport 40 minutes before his flight was to take off...and I thanked sweet baby Jesus every second I could.

Really its not too different then a regular week. The challenging part came at bedtime. anna had a couple of rough nights but, jake did awesome. Now I'm kind of at the point, though, where I've been with the kids with no break except to sleep for a while and well, I'm tired. Trev is back, though, and all is right with our world again.

When the kids fell asleep, I was obsessed with Houzz.com. Love that site....and the handy dandy app for my ipad. Its totally got me obsessed with getting this house renovated and to our taste. Here's a couple of pics that I love for our kitchen.

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