Imaginary Friends

A few days ago, jake started carrying around imaginary friends. These little guys have a seat in the car and take naps. Last week after we went to the library, jake grabbed his favorite book and hightailed up to his room yelling something along the lines that colors needed a nap. Colors are his imaginary friends. We bought the Preschool Prep Company dvd's for our drive to Florida and jake really took a liking to the colors dvd.

He holds the little guys (the one driving the tractor in the above pic is red) in his hand and carries them around the house. They play games and just talk. I say hello to them everyday and have been known to give them a kiss. I believe that yellow, white and blue are his favorites.

anna is starting to babble some new sounds. She was talking up a storm today while I was cooking dinner. When I was getting her undressed for her bath, she was talking and laughing like it was the funniest story you've ever heard in your life. I'll admit, I was laughing, too. Couldn't tell you what the story was about but, the storyteller was so stinkin' cute.