super me!

I like to think I'm crafty but, really, I'm not really good at any one thing so its kind of a crapshoot as to whether my projects are really going to turn out or not.

One of jake's friends turned 3 recently...can you believe they're turning 3 this year! ack!...and I decided since their imaginations are starting to go into overdrive, I'd try and make a cape for dress up. I contemplated buying one but figured everyone likes home made...right? I tell myself that when what I make turns out like crap...everyone appreciates the time and thought I put into it...ummm....yeah right.

So I put on my "pollyanna everyone appreciates the thought and time of home made" hat and dove into making v's cape.

Ummmm...can you say love it! So proud of myself.

There's pleats and velcro in that sucker!

jake liked it way more than I thought he would so my plan is to make one for him and his bff aubree this weekend.

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