to my right

The other day, my friend Rachel told me how she used whip cream as finger paints for her little guy. I've heard of pudding and shaving cream but, the thought of whip cream never crossed my mind for some reason. I thought I'd give it a try. I added some food coloring for fun.

She said she used it as a tool to help her little guy learn how to spell his name. All jake did was this....

Sooooo....I looked to my right.

and saw this beauty.

I love you, cutie pie.

anna banana

Oh, sorry. Are we supposed to stop with the anna banana?

How about dimples?


Silly mommy.


Don't be silly.

Lighting was horrible but, I couldn't help but keep snapping away. She had me at hello.

Then I remembered the whole reason for this get together and turned back to my name spelling learning son... names were spelled in the making of this project.
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