anna's room

I'm trying to make an effort to capture some of our ordinary times during the week. I figure when the kids are off to college doing stuff that will totally stress me out, I'll wish I had these days back.

One morning we were in anna's room just putzing around so I grabbed the camera. I put pom poms in one corner of her room. I love them. I want them for my room but, I don't think Trev would go for that....

Look at that hair! Look at that tongue!

I made the curtains out of some bed sheets I bought at Wal Mart. I'm secretly really psyched about them.

I can't get over how light her hair is...

I can never get super cute pics of jake. He always runs.

I remember reading these books to jake.

See ya. Check out those jeggings!

How is any girl going to resist those big brown eyes? I mean c'mon.

OK. So I'm also trying to make sure I'm in a picture or two. I cropped out some of my fat. Check anna out.

jake loooves taking photos with the timer or remote. He thinks its so fun. I rarely get one with anna looking. Guess there's no one behind the camera to grab her attention.

So that was one random weekday morning. Just hanging out with my babies.
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