catching up

Last week I got sick. Let me tell you, it is hard being sick when you have two kids to look after. I had body aches, a fever, and congestion. It started on Thursday then peaked on Friday. It was a struggle. Trev couldn't leave work and there was really no one to call to help because everyone I know has kids of their own and, even though I was the hardest hit, jake and anna were sick, too. I basically laid on the basement floor while they played/crawled over me/destroyed everything. I started to feel better once I was able to get some rest and Trev did take over on the weekend and I was able to get some rest.

Looking back, I should've probably gone to bed a little earlier in the beginning of the week but, I had pictures to edit and other things to do....its hard to cram everything you'd like to get done in 3 hours at now I'm whining....yes, I would like some cheese....brie please. Basically, I need to figure out a way to get a little more sleep at night....yes, anna still wakes up at night. That pretty much means going to bed early but, yikes, a girl's got things she needs to get done.

Anyway, so my mind is spinning with things I need to do and well....I need to make a list because that's what I do...
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