baby girl

My little baby girl is turning into a diva. Or maybe a drama queen. Or maybe both. Trev says she gets it from me. I don't see it? :)

She's learning so many new things, I'm not entirely sure her little mind can keep up. I say that because for the last two nights she's been waking up a TON.

She's learning how to roll over from back to front. Yup, the girl can crawl around with the best of them, but is like an armadillo when she gets on her back. Can't roll over. Its a piece of information that has not been lost on jake. Not for long, though. For the past two nights, we put her down on her back and about 30 minutes later she's sitting up wailing.

She's pulling herself up now, too. I swear I'm going to blink and she's going to be asking to go on her first date....the answer is no! I haven't seen her cruise yet but, Trev says he saw her move a couple of steps the other day. We're trying to help her figure out the step down into the family room and then the step up into the kitchen. She's a bit slower on learning that technique.

She's babbling like crazy. Says "da da" but, doesn't link it to Trev. Its still awful cute to hear her say it. She's also taken to shaking her head no. I try to get her to nod instead but, she's having none of that.

I made that flower. Its a bit sloppy because I did it in about five minutes.....she needed to look good for a little boy's birthday party. I loved it on her. I need to take it apart and put it back together so it looks a little better...

Anyway, Trev took today off so that we could have a nice low key three day family weekend. No appointments and no work. We felt that maybe jake could use some extra family time. We single handedly kept the economy going with all our shopping.
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