a girl named mommy

Parenting is getting harder. Thinking of jake as a teenager makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. I know that everything we're going through is perfectly normal....and probably going to get worse when he turns three....but, man, it just gets to me. We're trying to deal with this eating issue. I guess I should say lack of eating issue. I suppose doing things like this doesn't help...

I'm not going to lie. We bake goodies once a week....and I'm sure allowing this really doesn't help my cause....

I know I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to his eating habits. I should've started the no thank you bite a lot earlier....there's lot of things I should've started earlier..... I'm starting to get worried about his weight gain. I suppose I shouldn't because Trev was a really skinny kid. In fact, jake is bigger than Trev was at the same age.

Then there's the fact that he really wants/needs me right now. We're doing our best to give him more mommy and me time but, its really hard during the week. He likes to push anna down because he knows its going to get attention from me. Its just frustrating. He needs discipline right now but, he needs some extra love/reassurance from me, too. I don't think mothers ever feel like they're getting it right.

One thing that we're trying to do is let jake jake decide who does bedtime with him. Part of the routine is to read books and kind of talk about the day. jake always asks me to tell him the jake story. I always start with, "There was a little boy named jake..." Most of my stories involve jake eating all of his meal and getting a surprise. The surprise is usually a piece of heavy machinery waiting in the driveway. The other night he drove a cement mixer with his daddy to get cement. Then a digger to dig a whole in the backyard. Then a bulldozer to push the dirt away. Then a school bus to get tile. Then a crane to lift up a big slide into the backyard. Then he had to do a project with his daddy so he didn't have to go to bed. They made a pool and swam all night long. I'm an amazing story teller.

The other night when jake asked me to tell him the jake story, I asked him to tell me a story first. Here's his story.

There was a girl named mommy. She woke up and went to the construction site. She drove a tractor. The end.