the great broccoli standoff of 2011

My kids don't eat. Well, they eat if it involves pizza. Even anna will let go of her clamp down when I give her a pizza crust. We've been subscribing to that whole "I'm not a short order cook" philosophy with jake...sooo....if he doesn't eat what we're eating then he just doesn't eat. Well, the kid doesn't eat dinner a lot.

Today, I decided we're going to start the "no thank you bite." Basically, he has to take a bite and if he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to eat it....but, holy pepperoni, he might just like something if he tries it. Tonight I made a chicken and broccoli stir fry. Kid wouldn't take a bite of the broccoli to save his life. Fine, we told him if he didn't eat it, no books and no bath....he was going straight to bed once mommy and daddy were done eating. He went straight to bed. After some back and forth with Trevor....who broke down and stayed in his room with him....Trev so doesn't have to deal with the food issue as much as I do....Trev came down and told me to deal with it. I went up and asked the kid if he wanted to take a bite of his broccoli. He did.....and didn't like it.
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