I like pizza

Last night we had another no thank you bite stand off. I made this rice dish with saffron rice, green peppers, red peppers, onion and chicken cooked with cumin and curry spices. It is yummy. Kid wouldn't take a bite. I did try telling him the doctor said he had to take a bite. I told him that the doctor said he had to take a bite so he'd grow up big like daddy. He gave me this like that basically said, "so what?"

He held strong so he went to bed with no dinner, no bath, and no book. This was our conversation while I was tucking him in....

jake: I love you so much, mommy.

me: I love you, too.

jake: Are you happy.

me: Mommy is sad because you wouldn't take a bite of your dinner.

jake: I like pizza.

me: Jake, you can't have pizza every night.

jake: With lots of pepperonis, mommy.