....with me, mommy. please!

Today was one of those days when you just can't win. I think its pretty common for mothers of more than one child to feel like they didn't pay attention to one enough on any given day. Today jake really needed my attention and it was hard. anna wasn't napping and just kind of cranky in general. jake just wanted his mommy and couldn't get her at every single moment he wanted her so was a little nutty.

All I heard was, "Play with me, mommy. Please." "Color with me, mommy. Please." "Build downtown with me, mommy. Please." I'd get down and play with him but, it would only last about 10 minutes before anna would need me for some reason or another. These days are hard. I remember the mother I was with just one and...well...I'm never going to be that mother again.

On a bright note, he did really well with sharing his toys with anna today....he only asked me to leave her in the basement while we played upstairs once....and he only ran her over once. He's a good kid. It was probably harder on me than him. I wanted to give him all the time in the world but, I just didn't have it.

I was looking back and noticed I never talked about our first experience trying to fly a kite with jake. I had a photo session that was at a park/camp that is about 45 minutes away. My clients also happened to be caretakers of the park and invited the whole family down to play while we took some pictures. Since it was a little hike, we took them up on that offer. We thought it might be a good time to fly a kite with jake.

There was absolutely no wind.

None at all. He still had fun.

Love that kid.