just call me granny

When I got the new Pier 1 flyer in the mail, I almost did a happy dance right in my driveway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors they have for spring. Its exactly what I want for the main floor of my house. I showed it to Trevor....who said, "uh huh"....and promptly told him it made my heart happy. He gave me a crazy look. I rarely make quick decisions when it comes to home decor. It literally takes me about 6 months to decide on a tooth brush holder...still haven't gotten a new one....and I rarely pay full price for home decor....its against everything I stand for....but, pigs were flying today. I made Trev drive me to Pier 1 so that I could buy these awesome pillows.

I was ecstatic. Not so ecstatic when I heard the lady say the price but, smiling just the same. Trev...well....Trev just kind of went along and didn't really say a thing. You know that means he hated them but, what can he really say after I told him they made my heart happy? I'll tell you what he could say. He said they reminded him of something you'd see at some old granny's house.
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