Last Friday

Last Friday, I woke up and switched on the news. I found out there was an earthquake in Japan. It was pretty early in the morning so they weren't quite sure about the devastation. I didn't get to catch any news until about 9 that night. I was....well....I'm still trying to figure it out...I can't wrap my brain around it all. I can't look at pictures. I just think about the moms trying to protect their children. What would I do? I can't even begin to think about the heartache. Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. My heart breaks. All I can do is pray. It seems be writing about my insecurities and my "rough" week. I just want to gather my babies and my husband and have a big group hug and never let go. I guess that's not reality.

I've been a real debbie downer lately so here's some pics of my baby girl. jake was at school and I was trying out some new settings on the camera.

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