I think today was the official start of spring. We had beautiful weather this weekend. You could tell everyone had some serious cabin fever because everyone was out in their yards. It was great to see. We have new neighbors. They have a 16 month old and a baby coming in June. Its great to see new little ones moving in.

We had an exhausting weekend.

The whole family went on a run together. Watch out, armageddon may be coming. Trev got to see how much fun it is to go running with a 40 lb double stroller and at least 30 lbs of kids sitting in it. I went running a couple of days ago with the kids and the wind was blowing at my face. Ugh. That thing is a wind catcher. Anyway, I got to remember the heaven that is running with a 90 lb dog pulling you.

We did some yard work. Trev got a new mini chainsaw. Ummmm, yeah.

We had a dinner out. We went to Red Robin. I didn't say it was a fancy schmancy dinner! We were a bit disappointed by the service and food. It was a bummer as we usually have a good time.

I was able to sleep in and have a few hours to myself each morning. Trev is really awesome at taking the kids out on errands while I relax a bit on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Its awesome. He's awesome. I hate Mondays.

jake had his first day of soccer class. The 2 year old class requires parent participation. Ha! Perfect daddy and son activity! I think anna and I will go next time to check it out and to take some pictures. I guess Coach asked the kids if there was anyone that could run very fast. jake raised his hand and said, "I can!"

It was a great weekend.

Just so everyone knows I have a little renaissance man on my hands, not only is he a fast runner, he's a bit of a sculptor, too. The other day I was doing some laundry and jake asked me (may have been yelled at me) to come see Mickey's Castle.

I think it kind of looks like Cinderella's castle at Disney.

Somewhere in there, jake showed me a window. jake said that's where Mickey is because he's shy.

Apparently, my baby jake is no longer shy.