St. Patrick's Day

We took jake and anna to their first parade the weekend before St. Patrick's day.

They were both kind of "eh" about the whole idea.

We met up with a few friends.

Attitudes started changing at the start of the parade. jake was captivated.

I guess you could say anna was, too?

jake really did love it all. He loved the bands and the fire trucks.

He especially loved the candy.

Eric was an old pro and kept his cool. I think this was his 3rd St Patrick's parade??

They probably look a tad bit more Irish than our family.

jake got into it and waved at everyone.

anna did her fair share of observing. She's probably wondering when she's going to get some candy, too.

jake got the hang of putting his hand out for candy. He wasn't shy when it came to the candy.

Its not a St. Patrick's Day without a kilt or two.