Tomorrow's Monday?

I wish Monday and Tuesday went by as fast as Saturday and Sundays. I swear it was just Friday morning and we were making smoothies with our friends at the kitchen counter.

I have a ton of things swirling in my mind. I should probably write them down so that I don't forget. Maybe I'll do that when I'm done with this.

My wardrobe is hopelessly out of date. I went through everything in my closet and took Oprah's advice. She says that if it doesn't make you feel good when you wear it, give it away. Well, I kinda took her advice. I put it in a bin to see if I would actually miss it. If six months goes by and i don't miss it, I'll give it away. I'm not left with much in my closet. Since the end of 2007 I've been pregnant or nursing and my weight has gone up 60lbs and down 60lbs. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I figure its time to step it up a bit and stop looking like a slouch.

The kids are in desperate need of some clothes, too. They're getting a wardrobe upgrade as well. Poor Trev. He's the only one that isn't getting an upgrade. Maybe I'll slide a polo in there for him somewhere.

I've been taking some time and actually playing with my computer a bit. I got it back in August and up until now, I haven't really allowed myself the time to play. Its been fun. I found these pics during the process. They're from January when everything was covered in snow. Ugh. I get a strange twitch in my neck when I even think about it.

Everyone was covered in snow, I suppose, because I was seeing a lot of snow ice cream in the blogosphere. jake was game for the idea.

So we got some snow off the back deck.

Added some milk.

Added some vanilla.


And came up with this soggy mess.

jake wouldn't try it. I did. It wasn't bad. I'm sure I probably put too much milk in it. Maybe next year we'll give it another shot. My sanity is banking on the hope that its not going to snow again until December.
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