1-2-3 Go!

Last weekend started our two months of packed weekends. For some reason, April and May got booked up for us fast.

Saturday morning I had a photo session. Trev took the kids to home depot to get supplies for their new sand box. The weather hasn't been the best so it hasn't been tested out. I'm hoping that we're able to get out there Wednesday or Thursday.

jake had soccer on Sunday afternoon.

It really is cute seeing all these 2-3 year olds running around.

You gotta feel for Coach, though. Its not exactly a cake walk to get a bunch of 2 year olds to listen to you.

jake does pretty well with kicking the ball.

It hold his attention for a bit.

Mostly he likes running.

Look at him coming from behind.

Finishing with a bronze.

anna chilled out on the sidelines.

She's still deciding if she wants soccer. I think ballet is in her future.