I probably have many thinking that jake isn't a good big brother. He's actually a pretty good big brother. He likes to try and teach her things and often gives her hugs and kisses. The hugs and kisses do happen while he tackles her. When she comes into the room he always says, "Hi aaaaaaaaaaanna." Even with all this love, I very rarely see them just sitting next to each other quietly.

When I'm trying to pull things together to leave the house, I flip the tv on so that jake is occupied and I can get a few minutes. It really does help a ton to get me out the door at a decent time. The two of them sit in the family room while I scurry around to pull together everything I need for the day.

The other day, while scurrying, I looked into the family room.


If she wasn't 10 months old, you'd almost think she was sharing a secret.

I think she realized that perhaps this may never happen again for as long as I live and gave me the stink eye so I wouldn't mess up the moment.