hockey and junk

Immediately after soccer, Trev and jake headed to the hockey game. It was jake's first hockey game and Trev definitely made it an experience for him. Kid probably wishes he could go to a hockey game every night.

Trev's boss was going with his four year old son so they met up at a pub near the arena. While there, jake got a big bowl of mac and cheese and sat at a high top. Where did my baby go? Apparently, he got a long really well with the four year old. From what I hear, there was a lot of poop talk and boinking on the head.

After dinner, the boys met up with some other friends inside the arena. That's when the real fun started for jake.

There was pizza.

There was a soft pretzel.

There was also some blue cotton candy which was supposed to be a secret (thus no picture) but, jake tattled on his father.

There was some cheering for the home team.

There was some hitting of the 'ol wall.

jake was wired by the time they got home. He was all about the game, the food, the cannons, the poop, and the boinks.