my kitchen

We planned to start my kitchen reno this year. I can not stress to you how psyched i was for a new kitchen. Our goal was to not have to borrow any money. There's going to be a lot of diy but, diy is kind of growing on us. I guess I should say growing on Trev because I'm totally the swoop in and take credit gal. Anyway, after crunching numbers and taking a realistic look at what I would really really want, we decided to wait until the beginning of next year.

It really came down to choices. We could do it this year but, I wouldn't be able to get my first choices. I'd be picking from a much smaller budget. I was super excited about the cabinets we chose but, not so excited about what we could afford countertop and fixture wise. Sigh. We decided to be responsible, wait and not settle because we got excited and anxious.

Growing up sucks.

That doesn't mean I'm still not obsessed with my new kitchen. So obsessed, that I put together a mood board. Its my first one! I'm hooked.

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