I’m thinking a lot about style now a days. My style. My kids’ style. My husband’s style. My home’s style.

Not the dog’s style, though. He’s always been the black lab with a red collar. I tried to switch it up once and let him wear some sports collars but, the teams kept losing important games so I decided to stop. Red collar with my husband’s cell on it in case he gets lost.

I read or heard somewhere that turning 30 is a great style milestone. You start to really know who you are and begin to leave a lot of your insecurities behind. Hmmm. I think I need to start livin’ my thirties. I need some style back in my life. I’m craving it actually. You never would guess that I once held a job that centered around fashion and lifestyle. I used to know what was going on on the runways. Ugh. I’m so lost now, its sad.

I just straight up want my family to look good. If I’m going to devote myself to my family, gosh, it would be sad if they look like vagabonds.

There’s only one problem. I am cheap. I can talk myself out of any purchase. I’ll think about purchases and flip flop them in my head until so much time has passed that its just a moot point. It annoys Trev. Not so much that I’m not spending, but more that there will be something that we need that I’ll just put off for, oh I don’t know, a year. Basically, no one appreciates my cheapness. Well, no one except my father in law.

So, I’m going to loosen up the ‘ol purse strings a bit. Only “a bit”. Lets not get crazy.

Now the problem is figuring out just what is my style. I used to think it was one thing, but now, I’m not so sure. I feel like true style is effortless. Its just emotion. What feels right.

I think about what I gravitate to for anna. I’m loving ruffles and bright feminine colors for her. I never thought I would be that mom. Ruffles? Yes, please. Make it a double. I love a good simple, big ‘ol flower on her head, too. Who is this woman?

I’ve been trying to do more shopping for myself. I haven’t done any serious shopping for myself since before I was pregnant with jake. Yes, that would be 2007. I’ve become this frump-meister. Its gotta change. I’ve been buying things that draw me in and evoke some kind of emotion. Some of its not surprising to me, but some of it really pushes my comfort zone. I’m just hoping it all comes together to form a cohesive wardrobe.

Not gonna lie, the boys are easy. I love khaki shorts and flip flops in the summer. Good denim in the winter. Add a few cute polos in there and we’re golden.

My home is my office. Its where we LIVE. Its the first and last thing we see most days of the year. I need it to evoke happiness, love, warmth and FAMILY.

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been thinking about the last few days. Real superficial and meaningless when you consider Easter was yesterday. Happy belated Easter!
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