Cars and Roads

jake has this obsession with anything that has wheels. We have about 10 million matchbox cars in our house. I say "about" because I haven't seen them all in one place at any given moment. I have them in the master bath, my craft room, the kitchen, the car and pretty much any other place he's ever stepped foot.

I figured this obsession needed a road. So I got some pieces of green and black paper and a big 'ol piece of cardboard.

We made a road. This was the lay out he wanted. I laminated the stinkin' thing. That, my friends, was not fun. He seemed to enjoy it, though.

Inspired by a craft I saw in Family Fun magazine, I decided to make a garage for some of his cars.

I had him paint a box.

We added some stickers.

We added lots of toilet paper rolls.

We had a garage!

I wish I could say that it was a great storage solution but, I still have at least one car in every room of my house.

Recently, I decided that the laminated road was squelching his creativity. The kid needs to nourish his inner urban planner! I decided we needed a road made of felt.

I think I need to make him some houses and trees. Its like a never ending project these cars and roads.