Random stuff

Its been a busy couple of weeks.  I'm always thinking that its been busy.  You figure I would get used to it.  Here's a bunch of randomness that I've been thinking about lately.
Being Thankful.  I’m not going to lie, my kids have a lot of stuff.  I don’t think they’re spoiled but, I could definitely see it spiraling into that if we don’t start teaching them to be thankful.  Emotions are so hard to teach toddlers.  How do you teach thankful?  Today I cut up card stock with the intention of it being a thank you note for each birthday gift jake received.  jake drew a picture on each card.  As he drew, we talked about who he was drawing the  picture for and what they gave him for his birthday.  We talked about how much fun it was to play with each toy and how we needed to thank each person.  Hopefully that’s a start.  If you’re wondering where your thank you card is, now you know why its taking so long!!
jake.  He amazes me every day.  He’s really into legos right now.  He’ll sit for almost an hour and build stuff.  He comes up with stories for the stuff he builds, too.  He has these itty bitty ones that just scream for anna to grab and choke on.  I told him the rule is if I find one on the floor, I take them all away.  The kid is anal about making sure not one touches the floor.  If one falls from the table, he makes sure the world stops so he can pick it up.  He loves to watch videos of garbage trucks, trains, helicopters and fire trucks on the ipad.  He doesn't even need me to navigate the thing.  Does it all by himself.  

anna.  Her personality is really starting to shine.  She loves to dance.  Any time she hears any kind of melody she starts to do the twist with her little arms bent and her hands raised.  She points at every thing and says, "doo."  She loves her dolls.  She holds them.  Dances with them.  She even put a blanket on one the other day.  At 11 months - she's 11 months! - she's cutting her first tooth.  I think she should have the bottom two very soon.  One is already coming through her gum.  I catch her standing all by herself at least five times a day.  She even plays with something while she's standing.  She has a beautiful smile.

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