Where were you when...

There is no doubt that everyone remembers where they were when the towers fell. Its a defining moment in everyone's lives. I woke up this morning to the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed by our United States Navy Seals. My initial reaction was quite simple. Good. There is less evil in the world. As I had some time to process the information, it was really hard to wrap my mind around the news.

All I could think about were the wives, mothers, husbands, father, daughters and sons of those that died on that day. I kept thinking of those babies that will never meet or remember their mothers or fathers. I thought about those people that received voice mails from their loved ones. The last time they'd ever hear their voices. The pain is just scary. I wonder what the news of Bin Laden's death provides those families.

What about the first responders? What are they feeling? Those amazing firefighters that lost their brothers. The loyalty and brotherhood amongst those men and women brings tears to my eyes.

I think about my weekend and how simple it was.  How FREE it was.  Meanwhile, I think about those Navy Seals.  Preparing their weapons.  Checking their equipment.  Sitting in the helicopters on their way to complete the mission their Commander in Chief directed them to complete.  I guarantee there was not a second thought in any one of their minds.  Heros.

I found out the team was based out of my hometown.  I about cried when I heard that piece of information.  Their families were living their life having no idea what their men were accomplishing.  Life in a military town is completely different then a civilian town.  Hampton Roads is a military town.  Every branch is represented.  High and tights, fatiques, and boots are common place.  I get emotional thinking of the pride those men are bringing that community.

I'm happy there is less evil in the world.  I'm sad that there's another bin laden waiting to take over and cause more terror.  I can not imagine the stress it took Obama to make this decision.  I can not imagine the stress his advisors have to go through.  How to even begin to decipher that intelligence?  How do those Generals even begin to figure it out?  Military men.  Hoo ah.

I pray for Obama and his advisors.  I pray for our military men and women.  I pray for peace.
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