anna's birthday part 1

Sometimes when there's just so much on my mind I tend to just want to do nothing. Maybe I need to make a list. Lists always motivate me.

My house is seriously gross. I have someone coming over tomorrow for a playdate and I'm just a tad bit embarrassed about the state of the house. I'll vacuum and swiffer in the morning and lead them directly to the back yard and hope they don't notice the grossness. Ugh.

I've told so many people in the last few weeks that, "I'm not really this flighty and flakey." Which leads me to believe maybe I really am that flighty and flakey. That's a hard pill to swallow.

A friend is going through a heartbreaking time with one of her little ones. Makes me take a look at our little family. I've been distracted the last few days. I need to get back on track. I've been uninspired with the learning activities but, that's ok. Its summer and I'm really enjoying our low key summer. Weekends are a bit kah-razy but the weekdays have been no pressure.

I tell you what, I'm really liking my post vacation outlook. Its been nice accepting a helping hand and letting it go. Its been hard but, I think I'm finally getting into the frame of mind that I don't have to do or have everything. Or that the kids don't have to do or have everything. Its been good. I like it.

OK. Enough about my crazy issues. anna turned one on Monday! Can't even believe it. We survived a year with two kids. In an effort to shorten this post a bit, here's a collage of her birthday party decorations.

So anna's schedule the day of her party was a little off. She normally takes her afternoon nap at 1. The day of her party, she took it at 3:45. Her party started at 4. She didn't really recover from waking up to a house full of people until about 6 when most were making their exit. At least some people got to witness her charming beautiful smile. The rest got to see this.

I think she's silently begging jake for help out of this situation.

He doesn't get the hint.

The girl can squeeze out a huge tear in .2 seconds. At least I know she's hydrated.

So I brought her in and calmed her down. Then took her back to the high chair when no one was staring at her.

That's cheese in her hand. Not frosting. Blonde hair, blue eyes and doesn't go for the cake. Hmmm...I swear I saw her come out of me.

Our good friends stayed late so that we could try to watch some fireworks. Our town does fireworks the weekend before the 4th. Last year it was the night I went into labor! Anyway, jake got some cuddle time with his main girl.

Men. Fire.

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