block boogers

We're back from vacation. I had this whole wonderful post planned about how awesome vacation was and how I came back with this totally new frame of mind. In comes the block booger.

I decided that I was going to have a nice relaxing day with my kids. We got a watermelon at the grocery store yesterday and jake was bugging me to cut into it. I thought we could eat it on the deck and maybe jake could play in the sprinkler while anna and I relaxed in the shade.

Wait. That all started at 10am. Let me fast forward to 3pm. We're in the car driving and jake sneezes. I glance over at him and see this huge booger in his nose so I do what any good mother would do and I make fun of him. He says, "no mommy, that's a block." What? I look back and sure enough, its this tiny, itty bitty circle block. You know how legos have those little circles on them. Think the size of one of those circles. I look back at him and say, "What?", just as he's PUSHING THAT DAMN BLOCK BACK INTO HIS NOSE.

I freak out for a second and think wtf am I going to do. I'm on a four lane road. Two lanes going in each direction and I'm in the inside lane. I think about pulling over in oncoming traffic's turn lane when I yell, "BLOW IT OUT OF YOUR NOSE!"

He does and it comes flying across the car. Its in my center console right now. I forgot to take a picture of it.

So what does this have to do with my nice morning of watermelons and sprinklers? Well, this morning while eating the watermelon, jake tells me that he's got a block up his nose and to "get it." Anytime the kid has snot or a booger he yells, "I have a booger, get it." I fake wiped his nose and told him to finish eating. Ugh. Next time I know to double check when he tells me he's got something up his nose.

See that nostril on the left. That's the one with the block booger.

Oh anna banana, please don't put anything up your nose.

I'm taking pictures like a complete idiot of our wonderful and relaxing morning together. Awww look, jake and Duke bonding. Too bad he's got a block up his nose.

Is that a painful face or a my mom is an idiot face?

Cute. Picking the daisies with a block up your nose.

I wish she'd get this block out my nose.

I wonder if anna is thinking about stuffing that phone up her nose.

Strawberry blonde??

That's THE nostril. Pure luck I got a picture of it. I'm pretty darn lucky.

Still, this was kind of fun to see. He does kind of love his sister.

Oh. Then I took these later on in the day to show how legos have taken over our life. They're everywhere. Big ones, medium ones, small ones...and apparently itty bitty ones.

He had that damn lego in his nose that whole time and I had no idea!

I'm sure you're wondering where block booger came from. Trev was asking jake about his day and they got to talking about the block. jake said he had a block booger and it made mommy sad.
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