For the Love of Paint

jake really loves to paint. Like asks to do it everyday love. Most of the time we paint on paper or canvas. Sometimes I try to shake it up a bit.

A couple of months ago I decided to let him do the whole marble in a plastic bin painting. Except we didn't have a marble and I couldn't find the plastic bin I wanted to use for the life of me. I found these clay things we made when we were testing the handprint ornaments at Christmas. For some odd reason, I had him use finger paints?

Since I didn't have the plastic bin, I let him use an old pot.

He loved rolling those marbles around.

A few weeks later, I grabbed a rock from our yard and washed it off.

anna thought I was crazy.

jake was excited.


She distracts me so jake can paint the cabinets.

This is the point that I realized that craft time was going to have to change a bit.

If only you wouldn't put everything you touch in your mouth, anna. You could join him in these crafts.

She doesn't stick out her tongue as much anymore. She's getting older. :(

It probably looks like she politely watches her brother do his projects. ummmm.....yeah.