New View

Before we left for vacation I had a conversation with a friend about feeling competitive about ridiculous things. Things that we're totally content with as they stand yet we feel the need to mess with because someone else isn't as content. Its totally ridiculous. I'm glad we talked about it, though. It stuck in my mind and really made me think.

Usually, I come home from vacation with some crazy expectations and ideas. Basically, I come up with a bunch of ways to over extend myself and a bunch of projects.

I've never been very competitive when it comes to sports. I could really care less if you beat me while running. OK. Maybe I do care but, I accept that I don't have the athleticism to be competitive in sports so I don't even try. Everything else, though. I get competitive. I always feel like I should be and can be good at everything else in life. Let's face it. That's totally unrealistic and stupid.

So, I 've come home from vacation with a totally different attitude. I'm going to let it go, ask for help, and accept help. I have so many people in my life that are so extremely talented that there really isn't a reason for me to try and be good at everything. I need to start using my friends. I need to start accepting help from family. There really isn't a reason for me to try and do it all. I mean really, who even cares?

How is it going? Well, I think pretty well. I've scheduled a lot less. Don't get me wrong, I'm still scheduling play dates and outings but, I'm just not stressing out about getting the week filled. I've asked my fabulous friend Megan to help me with anna's birthday party. I'm accepting more help from Trevor.

The best part of my new frame of mind is that it frees me up to do the projects and things that I really want to try and tackle. Most importantly it frees me up to enjoy these two....